Tuning fiat uno 1,1 ies - alternative fuel system

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Tuning fiat uno 1,1 ies - alternative fuel system


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Aug 16, 2015
Can i replace the bosch monojetronic system with something else more functional perhaps ?
I have changed complete bosch unit twice(used parts) but i am facing problems like idlig after the idlig stepper motor stops working and for the next 5 minutes and until the engine reaches almost 70 degrees - heavy fuel comsuption when driving in city limits aproximatelly 1/4 for 75kms driving although i have +650kms range in highways cruising with 90km/h - extremely black soot on sparks plugs after 300kms only and excaust tail pipe but no black smoke instead i have white smoke but no loss of coolant or mayo.
I own a fiat uno 1,1 ies (1108 fire engine code 156c046) the past 3 years (2nd owner)
The car is extremly well maintenced before 1000kms
New coil -sparks-timing belt & tensioner-auxiliary belt-coolant-engine oil & filter-fuel filter-gear box oil-disc brakes-pads-brake rubber hoses-ecu-dizzy cap-rotor-impulse generator-vacuum advance unit-idlig stepper motor - clutch- brake fluids-old baterry but fully charged & charnging system is working proper.
My only suspicion is that cold days the car is not reaching operating temperature until i stuck in traffic,the gauge stays below 80 degrees perhaps a faulty stuck open thermostat and that when the mechanic adjust the timing marks using a strobo light he didnt disconnent and plugged the vacuum unit rubber hose according the hayens manual also i notice that i might have bad earth connection since my rear right stop bulb syncronizes slitly with rear right direction bulb
Please enlight me !!!
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Hey am having the same problem with my uno fire 1.1 it was working fine until now bad idling I changed the ECU/Module Swaped the carbs still no change high idling and white smoke coming out of the exhaust, black tail pipe and black spark plugs what was your remedy please help.