Technical fiat punto mk2 coil pack

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Technical fiat punto mk2 coil pack


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Jan 14, 2006
hello all.
I have a question:
Is there anyway I can verify the coil packs, whitout starting the motor ?
Fiat Punto 2001 1,2 8v
Thank you for your quick reply.
As i understand , i can check the coil packs by starting or crancking the motor. My question is : if one of the 2 coil packs is f..cked, i am riscking to my ecu too, wich is a new one :cry: and i don't want that:bang: .That is why i want to check the coils whitout starting the motor ,or crank it and if it is posible with the ignition off .
Is there any chance i can do that??:idea:
You can check coils with resistance but thats not conclusive as a circuit has to be under load....i.e working.
You wont damage your coils & chances are anyway your ecu is f*cked already.Not saying the coils dont fail on mk2 punto but I have only ever changed one & that was for a 'mild' misfire under load not the usual down on 2 cylinders sympton.