Fiat Punto GT - Sporting 16v

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Fiat Punto GT - Sporting 16v

Nice one! Have you put it on? Don't wanna buy my car then? lol:worship:
pkelly23 said:
Why did you change the steering wheel? Got any pics of your GT?

I got a GT1 and the steering wheels in them are disgusting :yuck:
There is a pic of mine in my profile, i am going to post some more pics of it in the members motors section this weekend so keep a look out :p
Thats a nice GT! Its got all the GT3 Kit on (Interior, Badges etc). I know what u mean about the steering wheel. I had a GT last year (That Mustard Colour!) Engine gave in on me! Only had it on the road a week! What are your alloys? Are they Vauxhall?
Do you know what other wheels will fit? Are Vauxhall, VW or Ford the same fitment? I was thinking of getting Coupe 20v Turbo wheels. I also like OZ Chrono Evo's.