Technical fiat punto gt radiator fan problem

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Technical fiat punto gt radiator fan problem


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Sep 25, 2007
Hi everyone
I need some help I have a punto gt of 1999 and in the radiator fan there is a small electrical part that is located on the fan(not the radiator) and its like a fuse or something in cylindrical shape that is connected through two wires to the radiator electrical system. The thermostat that located in the radiator works fine but this little thing has broken
Can please anyone tell me what’s the function of this little electrical thing?
Thank you
It's a resistor block to provide both a 'normal' and a 'high' cooling fan speed (for seriously hot days/ high coolant temps).

If it's blown, you'll probably find it now only operates on the 'high' speed and only when the coolant temps are higher than normal.
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i had overheating problems with the car so i have to replace the unit or i can bypass this system and leave the fan only connected to the thermostat?
also this unit works like when this fuse gets hotter provides more power to the fan that make it spin faster?