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Technical fiat punto 1.2 16 v active

dj spud

New member
Sep 18, 2007
just bought a new car,
and i was wondering whats the cheapest way to make it sound sportier and give it a nice roar.
i now ill need a exhayst,but i havent got a clue what to get and get it from.
so i was wondering can you lot help me please.
A sporty roar can be had from and after market back box. Ofcourse it depends totally on your definition of a sporty roar. :)
not really bothered on sound
just to give the car a bit of noise,
its just dead quite,like to hear the roar when i rev and that.
I know your new but you are posting in the wrong section, you need to be heading towards the punto area.

Plenty of threads on exhausts, induction kits etc do a search, also ''cheap way of making it louder' isnt a budget.

You will need to specify a £ value you are willing to spend or else you will get ideas thrown at you which you just cant afford.
£10 induction kit off ebay and a £30 exhaust back box off ebay and it will sound much more 'sporty'. you may be happy with an induction kit alone so try that first.
er drilling holes in the air box and silencer? cheap and noisy...