Technical FIAT "Professionals"?!(Mounting)

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Technical FIAT "Professionals"?!(Mounting)


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Dec 11, 2005
Well as I said here lately I got a front top passenger side gearbox mount replaced.I had gone into a FIAT garage reporting a horrible harsh rattling and clunking.I showed the mechanic the "gap" between the rubbers and wondered if that was the cause.He duly replaced it.Im back 24 hrs later with the SAME noise....He takes it for a spin then puts it up on a ramp and declares that the last replacement exhaust full standard system has been totally bodged on by an(other!?) incompetent mechanic.
It does look, bad making contact with the antiroll bar and a part of the engine.Is the exhaust meant to go above or below the Antiroll bar?
Anyway this morning I got under the car shoved back the heat shield it was hitting and put a hard piece of rubber between ARB and exhaust.....No noise anymore.Happy but sickened that spent unnecessary 106 Euro on mounting...
PS In my car the exhaust pipe goes above the ARB ,is that the same as yours?