Panda Fiat Panda 1.1 2006

It’s a car we got used back in 2013 at 82K, after more than 9 years it’s barely over 90K. It came with all of the original documentation and warranty cards from Germany, as well as 2 keys and the CODE card printed inside the warranty.


Hey everyone,

This is my first car, I’m actually 18 and got a license back in the end of August 2022. I’ve been driving the Panda ever since and I love it a lot.

It was originally bought for my mom to drive but she never really got the hang of manual driving, yet my dad decided to keep it around as a secondary car and it eventually made its way to me.

It has barely been driven and has an interesting set of factory installed features, like:
- power windows (with one touch opening and closing for the driver one)
- parking sensors
- air conditioning (which works really really great, better than many newer cars)
- fuel cap with a separate key
- the original double DIN radio/CD player
- the original cigarette lighter

Things I love about it are:
- cheap and easy to maintain
- looks and feels really cozy, interior is really on point for a budget car, despite what my friends seem to think
- feels fun to drive (you know what they say, more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow)
- it’s small and really comfortable for cramped city streets
- fuel efficient

I only drive it inside the city, as we use my dad’s SUV for long trips but I think it’s safe to say I’ve driven around 600 KM in it for the past few months. Really great so far, even stepping down in it after a ride in a way more modern car feels good. The Panda never fails to put a smile on my face.

Great factory options on your car, I wonder if they were only available outside the UK?
I like your comment "more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow" - that would make a great caption on a sunstrip window sticker!!
The car was originally bought from Germany, the combination of factory options is really unusual indeed - parking sensors but no electric mirrors? My guess is that it was a custom order where they went with the 1.1 Active and specifically paid for the AC, parking sensors, electric windows and whatever else is not included in the base. I’m not sure it would’ve been cheaper than just a base 1.2 which would’ve had a boost in performance and the nicer dashboard with the trip computer. The original owner was a young girl who might’ve been upsold in the dealership in a way that wasn’t worth the money and compromises but it is what it is, and we got this car for a great price a few years ago.
Strap that engine ECU cable connector into place with zip ties. It should help to avoid the issue of contact pins going awol.
I’m a bit puzzled… where is the ECU cable connector even visible on the photos?
It's a precautionary measure because the 1.1 engine ECU is notorious for failed connection(s) that mimic a failed ignition coil.