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General Fiat Marea Weekend 1999 1.8 Exhaust

Robert Carlin

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Oct 9, 2007

I recently bought a Fiat Marea Weekend for my partner probably around five weeks ago.
There hasn’t, been any real problems with other than having to renew the window wipers and fix the clip for the boot.

As I said all was fine until today when were sitting at the traffic lights and the car started to sound a little funny. Straight away I knew it was the Exhaust and I asked the other half to pull over and checked it. The back part of the Exhaust well from about the middle to the back was clearly knackered.

We took the car to Budget as this was the nearest to us given that the Exhaust was scraping along the ground. The mechanic took the middle to the back part off and told us it would be fine to drive home and they would get the part tomorrow.

I just wanted to know if the price of £175.00 and I don’t know if this includes Vat is reasonable or does anyone think it is a rip off and if so could you recommend any other garages near Paisley.

Trying to think, i dont know many garages in our around paisley. However if you ask on:

Theres a good few folks live out that way. Phone some motorfactors, TMS for example and get a price for the part, fitting shouldnt be expensive. And that should give you a rough price guide to if £175 is steep or not.

I got a stainless system built down at Kilburnie, at Meercat for £270-290 for the HGT, with a lifetime guarantee etc. If you do go down tell them the guy with the yellow Bravo HGT sent you.
i was quoted £370 for a cat back exhaust on my 1.8 bravo so i'd say £175 is a bargain compared to that, and i did ask at half a dozen places and that was the cheapest quote i got. i ended up buying a used exhaust from a breakers.
I was quoted 250 fitted, but a mate in the trade got me one for £70 and we put it on one Sunday on his lift. It was not a good fit and I had to go up a couple of times and bend the lugs, and shorten the prongs at the back as the sometimes drummed on the bodywork at the back of the car. In short, I recomend paying it.
I have just paid £61 for an exhaust from the cat to tail pipe. Including p&p and VAT! eBay brand new.
My old one was scraping and had to be kicked off so i needed to order a rear rubber for it for a fiver. Am gonna fit it tomorrow. I had been quoted £200 from National Tyres but i took the exhaust off so know how it goes back on.(y) Saving...£135 :D Who cares if it takes all day!!!
When the back end of the exhaust on my '97 Marea 20v saloon needed replacing I was quoted over £300 by Fiat. Eventually got it fixed for about £180, I would say £175 was not excessive but I would phone around a few other garages for quotes just to make sure he's not charging you too much.