Technical fiat marea 115 elx weekend, won't start

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Technical fiat marea 115 elx weekend, won't start


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Feb 14, 2006
:bang: Hi firstly hello to everyone obviously i'm new here and new to fiats, i bought my first fiat marea 1.8 knowing the cambelt had snapped but i have done them on other makes and find them ok, to cut a long story short i changed the cam belt as it hadn't actually snapped but shredded on the bottom crank, so I put a new one on yesterday and timed it up , turned it a few times manually, nothing got stuck or jammed it moved quite freely, put the battery back on tried to start it but it will not start, when i turn the key it makes a noise like its trying to start but somethings not quite right it dosnt' seem to be biting:cry: like when the old immobiliser allowed you to try and start the car but woulden't unlike the new ones that don't even do anything when you turn the key, can anyone tell me if there is a secret to fiats after you take the battery out and put it back in, I would be eternally grateful as I want to get it sorted b4 summer. :worship: to anyone that can help!!!!
yes I think so although it looks more brown than red, When I turn the key using blue one the orange key goes out on the dash and the injection icon on the dash :confused: :confused: goes out after about ten seconds, the battery light hasn't gone out yet but according to the book it dosn't go out until it starts , which obviously I haven't been able to do. although on other cars the battery light goes out with just the ignition on , iv'e tried charging the battery and using a diff battery but no joy, I also noticed it said in the book that you need to press the clutch down when starting is this really necessary? :bang: Tomorrow I am going to do a compression test, do you no what each one should be by any chance if there ok im not sure what I can do next. grateful for anything including long shots.:confused: :confused:
I know that some of the petrol mareas had a fuel cut off safety switch. Not sure if the diesels have the same thing?
It was down in the drivers footwell on the side near the door.