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Fiat Forum Alton Towers Meet 2006

Oct 2, 2003
Cheadle, Staffordshire
For those that dont check the poll section very often, I am currently organising an Alton Towers meet for June 2006

Anyone interested in coming, please place your vote for the day to visit. Theres already quite a few people showing interest so really, the more the merrier! Just seems a good way to get to know more people without it being anything to do with cars. you'll still get to show off your cars though, convoy to the park means we will all be parked together.

Meeting before the event will be at 9-9:30am somewhere local (location to be decided) and then a convoy to the park. Its pointless not getting there early as the park gets busy soon and its nice not to have to queue for the first few rides (and the monorail for lazy FFers).

Quite a few are showing interest in staying over the night before localy as well so possibly a few pints in a local pub mini meet kinda thing!

Also, there wont be a group booking as this just confuses things. If you want to book in advance then thats fine but paying on the day is probably the best thing to do. you will be able to collect up some Sun vouchers etc and get in cheapo that way.

Anyway, as I said, the more the merrier!
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