Technical Fiat Fiorino brazil 1992 front wheel alignment

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Technical Fiat Fiorino brazil 1992 front wheel alignment


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Feb 8, 2020
here is my story ...Please be nice with me I am Greek and electronics engineer so my description might not be described correctly .

Own the Fiorino 1100 petrol Brazil 1992 car. A superb car absolutely no issues at 300000klm

Since day one i was aware that this car features no camber adjustments
In lower side of front wheels actually wheels leans towards inside and is supposed that when car is loaded wheels might stand correctly

Now in my latest shock absorver replacement had them fixed which means the lower holes for the screws of the absorver are lo longer round now they are oval so this car now has adjustable camber

After that car can drive very fast at any turn left or right steers exceptionally well in high speed 130-140 klm and compared to the past car was leaning a lot left or ride side depending on the turn
Compared to the past before adjustable camber you may now say that the car move on rails after that its extremely stable at any speed

Here is what happens and my questions

so in the alignment data for camber is 0,58 +or - ( dont remember i will have to check ) and measures correct
wheel alignment is -0,25 and also measures correct .

From experience -0,25 front alignment for a car that doesn't feature adjustable camber makes some sense and its there to make the steering a bit more stiff and (often mechanics add a bit more to that) still though within allowable green area.
In practice they make the front wheels a bit open probably to compensate the non adjustable camber

At first alignment factory settings performed and steering wheel was way too stiff So we actually reduced having the wheels open and from 0,25 we went to 0,15 and things got a lot better

here is my questions
Factory settings of this car as said is 0,58 +or- minus i dont remember i have to check for camber
And -0,25 wheels open as described above

Point is that these values are given in the computer for a car that never had adjustable camber Now this car has adjustable camber
Should i aim now for 0 degrees wheel alignment and presume that having my wheels open doesn't make sense any more and gain a much lighter steering ?

Then again if any one can advise about wheel alignment then what is your opinion about the camber what should i aim for now ?

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Apr 27, 2011
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Hi Sakis..and welcome to FF :)

300k..thats great

Has it got fluid powered steering?

As to the camber..etc

Probably best to post those specifics in the TECH TALK section

There are plenty of knowledgable people on here.. but they may not look in a section for 'old vans..' ;)



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Apr 4, 2020
Hello, just out of curiosity: Do you currently live in Brazil or did you take the car from Brazil to Greece?