Fiorino (Mk3) Fiat Fiorino 2013 radio query/advice

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Fiorino (Mk3) Fiat Fiorino 2013 radio query/advice

Sarah H

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Jun 9, 2022
North Wales

Hope someone can help. I have a Fiat Fiorino 2013 (1.3 Multijet). The mileage odometer blinks continuously. I have been this is to do with Fiat's hub system whereby if, in my case, the radio which was fitted when I bought the vehicle, is after market which the auto electrician says it is. It is a Pioneer DAB radio. He says I need to buy an original Fiat radio in order for him to re-fit it and then can set the blinking mileage. Problem is when I have been searching for an original radio, all I seem to get are compatible Pioneer or Kenwood radios which, although the spec says they will fit my vehicle, I am loathed to buy one unless I am sure that it will work and with the system of my van and ultimately enable the flashing mileage to be fixed. Getting a bit confused now as I can't find out what an 'original' or 'genuine' Fiat Fiorino radio should be. Many thanks for anyone's help or thoughts. Have recently joined and looks like a great forum. Cheers, Sarah H
Seems strange that a radio could affect the digital mileage readout ! When you say "flashing"- is the mileage correct and just the illumination flashing or pulsing ? I wonder if you have the radio removal tool/keys (and the radio code if it has one). Would be interesting to see if it still flashes with the radio removed !
Hi, and welcome :)
I don't know, but a search on here finds a few threads where an aftermarket radio has caused the mileage to flash.

Maybe this thread might be useful:
(OP from this thread @typecastboy is very knowledgeable and friendly so might be able to advise)

Other thread, not radio related, but simple fix which might be worth trying:

Good luck