Technical Fiat Examiner / Diagnostic *Help Please*

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Technical Fiat Examiner / Diagnostic *Help Please*


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Dec 1, 2006
Good Evening,

I am wondering if anyone could please help me, I own a Stilo JTD 5door Active sport, and live in Manchester....The problem is my instrument cluster has started to go haywire. :mad:

I have bought a second hand one to see if it was this or the wiring etc, the one I bought is from a 5door Dynamic, and the mileage is 96k rather than 56k (on my old one)... Also the error for parking sensor failure pops up and I do not have one.

Does anybody know what I can do to solve this? I would appreciate any assistance, as although I can now see my speed I am struggling with mileage and the errors....also changing the dial front....Sorry for the rambling message :(
i can adjust the mileage to the old value for you but you would have to send the cluster to the Netherlands and pay the shipping costs twice.....
Hi there, I will have a look at the postage....Would this be able to be reduced or can the mileage only be increased?

Is there anyone locally that could assist at all?
i'm sure there will be people in England too who can adjust the mileage for you, you just have to find them.
By reprogramming the microprocessor i can adjust it downward too to any mileage - keep in mind that your engine ecu also contains your mileage so car history can always be checked - only if the ecu was replaced it will differ from the instrument cluster reading.
Just send me a PM if you want me to adjust it....