Technical fiat ducato rear bearing

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Technical fiat ducato rear bearing

shaun one and only

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Feb 21, 2023
LEEDS ls27 7eg
hi guys i have a problem with me fiat ducato m/home rear wheel bearing ive fitted 2x bearings now to the same side as i thought the first one may have been faulty and before the rear bearing broke it drove 100%
but now it seems to wonder on any kind on road
ive checked steering and no play at all
so going to replace a 3rd time the bearing nut is a 46mm does anybody know the torque setting as i can only thing im getting wrong is the torque setting
thanks for any advise
The stub axle may have been damaged by a failed wheel bearing.
Sounds more likely to be a tyre problem, maybe as a result of bad bearing but would get them all checked for warping/twisting.
Easy to do yourself just jack it up spin the wheel by hand and gently rest your hand on the tread as it spins, is it even.
will do chris
something i noticed just now is if you turn the wheel backwards its free but if you turn the wheel forward it only turns about 6 inches and then the brake shoes lock up and the wheel locks aswell
raining now so ill investigate tomorrow ordered new bearing and break shoes
need to sort it this is 3x bearings
You may get better response to your original query, if you post details of vehicle e.g. year of manufacture, standard Fiat chassis, or lowerd Alko chassis, etc. Also any torque setting will be determined by the stub axle thread diameter, and not the axle nut A/F dimension.