Fiat ducato newbie with whine!

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Fiat ducato newbie with whine!


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Feb 25, 2022
Hi, pleased to access the font of knowledge on this forum! Could anyone advise me as to what steps or not to take concerning the following:

I purchased 2016 motorhome on a comfortmatic Fiat 2.3 130 mulitjet mileage under 10k. When viewed the engine sounded fine. As a Cambelt change was due the dealer agreed to have this done. When I picked up the van the engine on startup made a whining noise - which diminished when running. It has been to a Fiat dealership for an hours diagnostic who said they would ‘start with’ replacing the alternator and belt. As their labour charges were over those within our warranty (I would have to pay the difference which would be approx £200) It was agreed that I would take it to a local garage. They checked the alternator and belt and concluded the noise was not coming from there so no need to carry out the work. The dealership agreed to have the van book in for further investigation and the mechanic was keen to check the cam belt tensor and drive belts - nothing was found amiss. The mechanic did find the cambelt may be a little too tight so loosened it.
I believe the mechanic has been very thorough (I am not in the least bit mechanically minded but being an ex-nurse I was reassured when he said he listened with a stethoscope:) the mechanic concluded that he is confident nothing untoward is happening and the van is safe to drive.
I am disappointed that nothing has been found the noise persists i.e loud whining on start up from cold then diminishes once warm.
I do not know if there is anything further I can do as I suspect any further investigation would be at my cost and maybe accept that this is what is and it may go away on its own accord...