Ducato Fiat Ducato Murvi Mallard 1991 2 litre petrol - 12 months MOT, 93,500 miles


Good morning everyone,

I'm looking to pick your brains please. My trusty Fiat Ducato, Poppy, has just passed her MOT and I now have to put her up for sale. I'd love to keep her, but I live in France and it's virtually impossible to import and reregister her there (I even rang Murvi and they said it can't be done, too complicated, bureaucracy being a French word!) so, much as I love her, I'm going to find something left hand drive rather than have to come back to the UK each year for an MOT (she only needed a couple of spots of welding, and there are advisories for slightly noisy bearings, nothing drastic).

I live in the Dordogne and she has been down to St Tropez and back this summer, all around the Dordogne and last week flew up to Roscoff, never missing a beat, will happily sit at 60 mph all day long, the engine is rock solid, she starts every time.

Everything works - fridge, Cascade water heater, Propex heater, hob etc, she's perfect to me, but at nearly 30 years old, she's not fresh out of the workshop!

My question is, what's a fair price for her? Here are some photos, I'd love your opinion, or even to sell her to one of you! She's currently parked up nice and dry in a workshop on my brother's farm in Cornwall if you'd like to meet her. Thanks for your thoughts, she'll be on eBay soon if you're interested, or of course you can contact me here, have a lovely day! Anna
I'd say it's quite a rare thing now, not many about, and will surely find a new caring owner. Can't give an idea of value, but ebay will let it find its own value- what someone decides it's worth to them. Two provisos! 1- state it's in Cornwall and 2- beware ebay timewasters! What I'd do, is list it as a buy now when you've come up with a figure, add a bit on top, and list with 'offers considered'. Then if someone serious about it (they come and look, or they ask for detail descriptions or specific pictures etc.) try and get a contact number (landline stops the messers!) and ring them and tell them you'll accept a deal without going thru ebay, and save the fees! It's worth looking after, methinks. Good luck!