Coupe Fiat Coupé Rosso Corsa

Fiat Coupé 20 Valve Turbo Limited Edition 0009


Hi, this is my 1998 Rosso Corsa Coupé. Only 43k miles with absolutely mint condition bodywork and mechanics. Previous original lady owner cherished it and now I’m the lucky custodian of this amazing and valuable car. Drives like new a goes like a true 20VT should!
Thanks Ben. I prefer to stick to small local shows although I did got to Brooklands Italian Day. On 4th June I hope to be at Hertford - Classics at the Castle. 😎
Ah yes, I saw it in the photos - very nice.

We're still looking for cars for Brands Hatch if you are interested?

Very nice - externally, with the body kit, this reminds me of my Red Fiat Coupe Turbo LE no. 007 that I owned back in the day.

Just started looking for one to replace it.