General Fiat coupe 20v turbo in a bravo

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General Fiat coupe 20v turbo in a bravo


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Sep 28, 2005
Has anyone ever put the 20v turbo coupe engine in a bravo HGT 155, if so, how was it, what did it cost, and where can I get it done.
Why is it so hard to find power enhancements for a HGT
the engine from 20vt coop is the same as the 5 pot in the bravo iirc, plus a turbo and prob lower compression, so cant see why wouldnt fit, prob even use same mounts etc etc :) but this is just in theory
It will fit... the HGT bravo engine is the same as the coupe N/A... it wont be cheap and you will be hammered on the insurance. Better off waiting and saving to buy a coupe.
There's a guy on the Bravo forum that's done it, follow the link in my signature and do a search :)
Hows things I've put the 20vt into my bravo, it can be as cheap or as expensive as you like with regard to the work but you looking at £1500 for an engine and box there is a load of other bits you need mail me if you need help


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I can buy a 20v coupe, but everyone will know its a 20v coupe, i like the idea of having a bravo, with no badges, and no one has any idea whats under the bonnet, .
Can you trade in your 155 motor (with cash on top) for a coupe turbo lump