Fiat Clarion ARX7370R Wiring

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Fiat Clarion ARX7370R Wiring


Sep 2, 2009
Poole Dorset
My Coupe still has the original Clarion tape head unit with 6 disc changer. (ARX7370R) has anyone got the manual for this or can you help with which RCA output is for what as it has 3 and which wire is the remote when fitting extra amps?? i know usually the remote is the blue wire from the head unit but would rather have some clarification before cutting things.

cheers for any help :confused:
I have a pdf of the user's manual but there's nothing in it about pinouts.

I also have that PDF.
i'm thinking the 3 RCA will be:
1 front
1 Rear
1 Mono for Sub or Sound in possibly

Easy enough to work out with trail and error but could really do with knowing the amp remote switch wire from head unit.

if that comes to it it will also be trial and error but don't really want to be doing that as you can imagine.

Cheers Dave (y)
:idea: Perhaps the wiring diagram in the workshop manual would show it.

Well Dave.

Took some time working through all the sections on wiring and still not alot the wiser. i'm sure from this though that the remote switch wire for the amp is the blue/white wire from the head unit, the same as most other head units which is good but its still guess work with the RCA preouts.

When the Amp wiring kit arrives and i've completed the install i'll post the answer to my own question unless someone can beat me to it??

Ed :idea:
I suspect you've already seen this, the resolution is too low to see much though.


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Yes i've got this thanks Dave.
Like you say its pretty pointless as you can't really read it at all.
Typical as nearly all other drawning in the CD manual are readable.:bang:

Cheers Ed :yuck: