Technical Fiat Bravo poor starting

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Technical Fiat Bravo poor starting

Neil Elder

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Feb 20, 2022
I have a 2007 Fiat Bravo M-Jet 120 with the 1910cc 8v turbo diesel engine. The engine code is 192A8000.

The car spends its life on the motorway with a daily commute of 120 miles; the current mileage is 220,000. It is regularly serviced, returns 54mpg, and has been totally reliable except that two years ago it suddenly became difficult to start with the engine warm.

The symptoms are as follows:

If the engine is cold, say first thing in the morning or when hot immediately after a run or where the engine temperature is such that the temperature gauge starts to rise the car will start without problem. However, if allowed to cool, say for an hour with no movement of the temperature gauge, starting becomes very difficult.

In this circumstance the engine turns over as normal on the starter and whilst it tries to start it never quite makes it. However, after 5 to 10 minutes of cranking it does eventually start and then runs without problem. Yet, leave the car outside for a week or more in the cold and damp and it will start first time!

A spray of easy start does seem to help!

There are no fault codes.

So far I have:
Replaced the crankshaft sensor as suggested on various forums; it’s a non-Fiat part but from a reputable supplier (FAE), but it made no difference.
Replaced the coolant temperature sensor.
Replaced the glow plug control module.
Replaced the thermostat
Checked the connecting plug at both the sensor and ECU to ensure that no resistance is present which may be causing a false reading from the ECU.
Checked the air temperature reading given the air intake temperature sensor is incorporated into the MAF sensor.
Checked the fuel temperature sensor in the fuel filter,

The timing belt is replaced regularly (50,000 miles); both the battery and charging system are in good condition.

But still no resolution to the problem - help!