Fiat Alloys at Discounted Prices from NIIMC

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Fiat Alloys at Discounted Prices from NIIMC

Sep 26, 2003
Northern Ireland
The Northern Ireland Italian Motor Club ( has negotiated a special deal with the main Belfast Fiat/Alfa dealer Mervyn Stewart ( for some Panda and Punto alloys thanks to our club secretary Stuart.

Basically Mervyn Stewarts supports our club and as a result we have first dibs on some clearance stock. We have decided to open this offer to Fiat Forum users also.

So far 3 types of alloys are available at greatly discounted prices, more will follow soon. If enough people are interested we may be able to get a bigger discount. These prices are only available through the NIIMC, so if anyone is interested please reply here.


4 sets of "New" Fiat Panda 5.5x13" rims (which also fit the MK1 Panda/Cinq/Sei/Punto, etc). Normal retail is £305.64 They are offered to us at £200 including vat.



1 Set of 5.0x14" New Panda wheels. Again will suit most Fiats. Retail £367.00 offered to us for £250.00 including vat.



1 Set of Punto 6.0x15" Retail £400.65, also suitable for most Fiats offered to us for £300 including vat. Come complete with Abarth centres.


Also Steve they are doing a deal for us on locking bolt sets Retail £25.50 but for us £20 including vat.
If interested you can also email me (Stuart) at [email protected] for further info.:)
Very tempting...:tempt:

Just too many other things to pay for right now :cry:
I didn't order mine with alloys because I prefered the eight spoke ones...

I'll have to wait though... Really can't afford them this year... Maybe a future purchase ;)
Stuartl said:
Hi Liam, which ones were you thinking about ?

I'm not in the market for any, just wondered if they were still available, if so then what ones and if not I'll unsticky the thread.


Ah I see. I think there is only one set left but by all means drop it off the sticky.
Thanks Liam:)