Fiat 127 Bonnet question (again)

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Fiat 127 Bonnet question (again)


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Apr 6, 2006
Hi there I asked a question yesterday which a member quickly answered (thank you Jitz).

However, the person I gave the answer to is not convinced, so I will repost my question and see what happens.

Can anybody confirm (with pictures, preferably of a whole care, bonnet shut, bonnet opening, bonnet open!), that a Fiat 127 existed with a bonnet that opened to the back, i.e. upwards near the windscreen and outwards, not from the front? Hope I have made myself clear and that somebody can help as soon as possible.

Thanks and best wishes, Carol.:D
Oct 26, 2006
I had a 1973 FIAT with such a bonnett and another 1974 model with the same. There was another guy down the road from us with another 73 model with the same bonnett. I think it is probably safe to assume that all 127's of this era exported to us in NZ had bonnetts that opened this way.
By the way when you opened the bonnet on one of these there was a spring loaded U shaped brace that ran along a slide until the bonnett was completly open then it slid into a slot. To close the bonnett you had to pull the brace out of the slot.
This is a definate by the way, I fully restored my 127 including new engine so I remember it VERY well.
Hope that helps
Alex... if you know anyone with a PUNTO MK2 handbook please read my post!