Few Sound Deadening Q's

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Few Sound Deadening Q's


Aug 31, 2003
Banbury, Oxfordshire
well i've managed to lose my tax disc and turned car upside down in search (used as excuse to tidy it all up, literally everything is in my room for cleaning other than seats and harnesses which are in car as i need it :eek: :p)

But when i bought the car i knew it had had a boot full of ice at one point, but was shocked at the amount of sound proofing in the rear wheel well, in a few places 2 layers, and under that what looks like blue filler primer :confused: (anyone ever heard of anything like this? was done by pro place i think, john kleis car audio)

But the main Q is what kind of damage does sound deadening leave when removed? and does it weigh enough to make it worth removing or is it not even worth bothering with and just ignoring/forgetting about it best option? (Although i am worried wether my exhaust will be loads nosier with it gone :eek: :p)

P.s. didnt find the tax disc :(


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Can't imagine it weighs massive amounts, and I'm guessing if it's similar to dynamat then the only damage would be the really sticky glue, which would need need something pretty strong to remove
I'm guessing the blue filler primer looking stuff is something like AquaSeal or Marley tape.................
sound deading dont weigh that much anyway id leave it in unless u fancy tryin 2 remove glue all afternoon.
Hmm think i may be leaving it then, i guess by removing it im only exposing the blue filler primer stuff :eek: Def paint not tape (assuming marley tape is tape :eek: :p)

The false floor weighs quite a bit mind :p and the exhaust louder in car with it out (sounds ace when backfiring now lol :p) think it'll go back in once i've given it a bit of a clean mind :p will be out for 1/4 mile etc though now i realise how much it weighs :eek: and it being out shows the rear bush knocking up 10x worse (so much so i ordered my powerflex bushes today lol)
proper sound deadener can weigh quite a lot, if you want to see how easy it is to remove just apply a bit of heat (hair dryer or hot air gun) and see how easy it is to remove. It looks like a cheaper brand as most good deadeners are foil backed.
from the pic of the wheel wheel it looks like roofer felt, i used similer in my sei and it came off without much trouble, some tar remover i found in the garage got rid of all the **** that it left behind
Dynamat type soundproofing doesn't make the car quieter, it basically stops panel vibration which in turn makes your stereo louder.

It's the spongey / felt stuff that reduces road / engine noise.

At the moment I've got 9 sheets of Dynamt Xtreme in my car, added just over 7kgs in weight. Hope to have another 9 in by summer!