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General Few problems


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Sep 30, 2005
A few problems ive got at the moment, and what ive done so far to fix, any help will be greatly appreciated, so here goes:

1. Injector light comes on occassionaly, and so the engine 'maxs out' at low revs.
Changed the plugs and leads (as was misfireing slightly aswell) and put some injector cleaner through. Seemed to come on less often, but still have the problem!?

2. Engine temp. sits about 3/4 on the guage, at normal driving (30/40mph) any higher and it seems to drop to half way. Also the heaters only blow cold
Driained and replaced coolant, and also bled the system, still not much difference!?

Any help on the above......cheers
hmm blowing cold and a stutter can indicate head gasket. is the coolant level dropiing ? or did the old coolant look a sludgy brown.

could have an airlock in system also. or your water pump may be badly worn had tis on old car of mine teh blades had correded away so only worked at hald power and when sitting still temp went up but when driving went to normal.
Well its been the same for a few months now, no mayo in oil or white stuff under coolant top, as this was my first thought

The misfire has gone, just injector light coming on intermitently has caused the 'maxing out' at lower revs any ideas?
By maxing out I mean, say you redline it on the rev counter, its about 7k, the engine 'stops' if you know what I mean. Well sometimes when the injector light is on, this happens, but at about 4/5k revs