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Ferrari engined Lancia thema...

I have the heads from one of them (the thing being parked outside) in my room right now, we are trying to find a rebuild kit for the engine, but so far cheapest we have found is something like £97 for each head not including head gaskets or shipping from land of italia nor does it include the fricking import tax or whatever its called.

When we came to sunderland uni here me and my mate (also into retro cars and such) scoured the breakers yards to just find nice cars. He on the first day found one of these 8.32's in dark silver (no wheels though they had gone as had badges, we only looked at it as it had a leather interior, then I saw the rear spoiler and nearly wet myself), but it hadn't been admitted to the yard so could still be sold, anyway taken a massive shunt accross back left 3/4 panel and basically crushed boot and rear passengers etc, fire crew then chopped rear of cabin down a bit aswell. He paid £600 for the whole car inc transport a few miles up to uni halls. The block is still in the car (all holes and orifices are clogged with cellophane and wrags to prevent further damage), as is exhaust and manifolds and interior etc.

We are planning to finish getting engine rebuilt (need like hepalite pistons which are going to cost near £800!!! inc gudgeon pins and p rings etc), I have stripped and cleaned heads (beutifully made, never seen such a well made engine, everything is just,,,,so,,,) and am awaiting him to get a better job so he can pay for me to build it up!! And then we are going to put the engine and seats and manifold and exhaust (if its the right shape) into a saab 9000 shell. Wish us luck!(y) *

*we need it as these heads have been here since october and he still hasn't got the money yet!!

this is his project car, mine is a 1974 scimitar which I am picking up tommorrow, so wish me luck it doesn't break down on the way home, although I am sorely tempted to just drive it a few miles down road and get CSMA to toe me back, at least I don't have to pay for fuel then!!!!