Fat pets on C4 now

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Fat pets on C4 now

Bob in disguise said:
Anyone watching this with the 14 and 1/2 stone rott weiler on it?

I feel sorry for the poor thing that woman aint right in the head and isnt fit to be a dog owner in my opionion....(n)

Couldnt agree with you more Bob. A dog that should weigh 5kilos and actually weighs 18kilos still gets chocolate and cake(choc can kill) and the owners told the dogs got about 1yr left unless it diets.What does the owner do? carries on as normal.:bang: Thats not love, its cruelty. If she likes being overweight, fine but dont push it on the dog to try and make y,self better!:mad:
These people should be banned from keeping pets. In most cases its quite litteraly murder.:bang:
i watched this last night, I was really getting angry. "i know he shouldnt eat chocolate cos its bad for his digestive system but he likes it" :bang: :bang: :bang:

The one from bolton should have had her dog taken off her, she is an ignorant cruel bitch.

I felt sorry for the owners of the cat though, they even put him on diet food and he put on weight.
Well haven't been watching it as i don't have a tv but yeh some people are outrageously cruel to pets.
My old dog was owned by some stupid woman i knew, went round her house 1 night and she had this dog (american pitbull staffy cross) bout 2 years old. If the dog moved from its basket she or her b'friend hit it, and i mean hit it!! He was in pretty bad shape.
Well cut a long story short i lost it, went mental with them, and took the dog away with me and never spooke with them again. It was ace to see him out and about, he loved it. He unfortuneatly died about a year later from lukemia but at least he had some fun in his life.