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General FAO Irish Stilo Owners

Im from antrim and im seeing more stilos everyday which is weird :p. I seen a beautiful red 1 the other day which has been looked after to a very high standard and had its own custom twin stainless steel exhaust and it was lowered. Very ahrd to come buy 3 door stilos in northern ireland speciallys jtd's so i hope its keeping their value up as ive seen ppl looking for them on here and now theres anotehr in the queue im assuming :p
My stilo came from antrim, thats where I got it from at least. It was kept in great condition with relatively low mileage, so it looks like stilo's are appreciated over there haha.
i will do lad :) search me on the old fb and i can see your yok :) my name is jamesy mulhern
im fixin mine atm, needs new tires, thanks to the law tellin me theyr bald and giving me points lol and telling me to get rid of the straight pipe becuase its too loud lol