Technical Fan problems after new rad

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Technical Fan problems after new rad


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Nov 2, 2004
Somerset, England
After changing my manky shot Radiator on my N reg cinquecento sporting along with a slightly leaky water pump for new ones i have noticed my fan now cuts in at 110 degrees?! When before the new rad was fitted the fan kicked in just over 90 degrees ( the in-car temp gauge is the one i am taking the readings off of)..

The fan will cut in till 100degrees then stop..? any help is greatly appriciated - also this fan is only 18 months old..
you have an air lock in your cooling system.

there is a bleed screw coming out of the drivers side inner wing, and also one where the water pipes go through the bulkhead to the heater matrix.
Eak, This one you talk of has been subject to a bodge repair from a previous owner - its siliconed up, any tips? - is it a case of cutting that off then resealing it?

Also the heater works well
still, I almost overheatedbadly today.. yesturday I bled my coolant through using the top bleedi screw (going into the heat matrix/bulkhead) today on the way to work car was a little over temp but not much - coming home! jesus i had steam coming out of the bonnet and the car sputtered a little bit.. Is this soundling like the HG gone/going? - the is no oil in the coolant and no coolant in the oil.. :bang:

Another thing? - could i have a blockage somewhere?

Any help greatly appriciated..
Problem solved, after poking around in the dark 1/2 hour ago i decided to check the Radiator switch after letting the car run to 100 degrees - I used a piece of wire to act as a switch bypass - Now the fan works? I guess it has been playing up anyway? I'll drive it to work tommorrow with this bypass in and same to get home & ring up the local motor factors or Radiator wholesaler for a new Radiator temp switch.. All help with this thread was appriciated - many thanks..