Falcon Evo 4 Remote Start Issue

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Falcon Evo 4 Remote Start Issue


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Sep 22, 2007

Fitted the EVO 4 today, all wired but can't get the remote start to work. I have checked and checked again that all ignition related wires are in correctly and metered so they are making contact. I connected the RPM line to one of the Neg leads on the coil, the manual had said this line should read between 1 and 6 volt getting higher with revs and it does.

I don't think its a wiring issue to be honest, more a poorly written manual or my poor uptake of a well written manual. How do you actually activate the remote start? I have set the alarm to TACH, and also to MANUAL for type of car. The turbo timer doesn't work either, not that i'm after it but tried it as a test. All other features of the alarm work as described. I would like to get this sorted before I put my dash board back together.

FYI the alarm was bought from purecarsound.co.uk as a friend on this forum recommended them. Honestly at this point it just looks like a cheap import. Hope i'm wrong.