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Technical Faild mot


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Apr 28, 2006
hi all havent been here in a wile but i hope you can all help me, my Punto 96 1.1 has faild it mot and was wondering if anyone nows if it would be an expensive job to have it sorted.

it faild on

001- rear exaust system has major leak of exaust gasses

002- faild exaust emissions after 2nd fast idle (outside specified limits)

003- Offside ront absorber has a serious fluid leak

004- Nearside front front constant velocity joint gaiter split

thats it the major things are 3 and 4 i think but anyone no if it would be an expensive job 300+ or less, am not too good with cars better with computers lol, any help appreciated
To do it yourself you would save some money

1. About £60 max
2. Dont know about this - could be linked to failed exhaust
3. About £50 - £60 for a pair of shocks, you would need to replace both.
4. I guess about £15 max for a new gator, probably a lot less.

I had the front shocks on my punto replaced at my local garage and it cost me £120. A CV boot probably about £40 i guess at a garage but the combined cost of getting them both done may be less. These are just guesses and im sure someone will point out that im probably a bit off with my prices. Id guess it would be alot less that £300 tho - well depending which garage you use
yeah with gaitors the part costs next to nothing (quid or two?) but you have to dismantle some of the suspension to get the driveshaft off to put the gaitor on.

so if you did the gaitor at the same time as shocks (front) it would cost you less.

TBH none of the failures are major really, just wear and tear, and age. replace them and you'll get another year out of the car no problems (y)