Technical F.i.a.t!!!!!!!

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Technical F.i.a.t!!!!!!!


May 15, 2005
Coningsby, Lincolnshire
yup we're Fixing it AGAIN tomorrow. got into town and back, and then about 2 miles from home at the super market it refused to start. jumped it to get it round the corner to a garage, who pronounced the alternator dead:bang: . so we towed it to our nearest mates house to await us fetching an alternator from the scrappy. B****cks. thats about sum's it up.

so are there any difficulties in changing an alternator on an 899 or is it straight forward, we have the haynes bible so it should be easy?

we have a new belt i bought a while back so we'll put that on as we do it.

Em is fuming coz we've got about 6 hrs to get it done before she's got to go out, and then we're supposed to be going to sheffield on sunday and she's at college monday-friday. Typical isn't it!

thats good news, just hope the scrappy has one that works. not that i can test it on the yard though. the battery's so flat the engine wont even tick over, let the revs drop below 3k and it just stops! plus the front screw in tow eye pulled out and we had to tow from the engine. got to try and fix that too. :mad:

dam if i were there now id be round to give you a hand. days to go till we move! are there many scrappers round there cos theres f*** all up here?
good luck with the alt (y)
job done, took about 30 mins!

philbo theres one in tattershall, Windleys to be precise. there's usally hundreds of cinqs and punto's but looks like they've had a shuffle around and i could only find 1 cinq. didn't look in the other half of the compound though.

Oh, I'm a bit late now, but it's a really easy job. You can get away without taking the wheel arch liner off.

I was having trouble replacing my fan belt a while ago :(, so I decided to completely remove the alternator lol. It's a squeeze getting it past the headlight area, but it can just come straight out the top. I'd say 15-30 mins max (y)!