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General expension tank

toms white punto

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Oct 8, 2005
hi, people just purchased a grande punto i know this will sound stupid but how does the cap come off on the expansion tank?? ive tried pushing down and turning, lifting up and turning and that does not work the booklet the dealers gave me doesn,t explain how it comes off sorry for sounded a bit dumb,tom

and how do i get the computer to show how many miles i have left till i need to fill with fuel again??
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well.... from my experiance you push down ferley hard and turn left, it will feel a little resistent but it will do it!

And to see how much you have left you push in the right stork that says trip ( a button on the end), it will go through mpg avrige speed and stuff untill you get to a petrol sighn with the number(y)
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