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Jan 14, 2014

My exhaust is low, and is catching on speed bumps, I thought it had can loose and dropped. But took it to a friends who knows about cars and he says its turned upside down, which is why its low at the front end near the flexi.

He said you need it up on a lift and tools he doesn't have to turn it around.

Anyone know how much a garage or Kwik fit etc would charge to do this??

Sounds like one of the rubber hangers has broken. Simple to replace, with a bit of swearing, once access is achieved. Driving it like this will very quickly destroy the flexi, which has twisted, and soon need a whole new system, instead of a rubber hanger or two.

Kwik-fit will have no problem in recommending a complete new system.

Any local garage will probably give you a more honest opinion.

Here's a trick that might work. Drive both left wheels onto the kerb edge. Highest kerb you can find without damaging the tyres or suspension. Make sure both tyres are fully on the kerb, not just an edge, so they won't drop off. This lifts the car and gives a safe access for you to crawl under. Once diagnosed, you might need to lift the other side instead, depending which hanger it is, or what the access is like.

Do not get under the car if supported only by its own jack. The force necessary to get the rubber over its hook will take it off any small scissor jack and squash you.
Thanks for the reply.

I've booked a free assessment at Kwik Fit so I'll see what they want. The guy I seen today said its an easy job with the right equipment so don't pay any serious money to get it done as its a 10min job once up on the ramps.

I'm a Bigger guy so it would need to be a seriously high curb to fit me under.lol