Technical Excessive brake pedal movement

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Technical Excessive brake pedal movement


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Aug 21, 2007
My friend's 6K miler 1.2 PG seems to suffer from having too much free play in the brake pedal before the brakes bite. No problem with braking performance. If the hand-brake is partially applied (say 75% of the free movement) the brake pedal bites much higher.
Does this mean that the rear drum brakes need adjusting? Is there any adjustment?
Couldn't get any sense out of the Fiat dealer - they just said the brakes were "OK"
Feels a lot different from an almost new car!
Hi, there's no problem with fluid levels or braking efficiency!
As I said, a new GP's brake pedal "bites" after about 30mm movement, on this car the pedal moves at least twice that distance before the brakes work. If I pull the handbrake up 4-5 clicks (but before the handbrake actually starts to slow the car down) the brake pedal then bites after only 30mm.
I had the same problem with a Rover 25 and that was caused by the self-adjusting rear drums not self adjusting!
Is there any adjustment on the rear brake shoes?
Hi Kristian,

I'll try that! I dont think its just the brakes that are a crappy design - the rear suspension seems very easy to unsettle and I've had some massive step-outs when going over rutted surfaces around bends. Would not like 130 italian donkeys hauling me around when that happens :)

I've looked at a CD with technical info on it and there is no mention of any adjustability in the rears at all.

Even a Rover 25 had adjustable rear shoes.....
First check the brake fluid level. The brakes might need bled.
I don't know about other GPs but mine has very sharp brakes - sharper than Clios I have driven at work.

Why bleed the brakes? Should never need to bleed the brakes unless you have broken into the system replacing a caliper, hose, pipe etc.

Also there should be an auto adjuster on the rear drums like all drumbrakes have. And from my knowledge they can fail if they are clogged up with brake dust.
I tried the handbrake idea of Kristians, but it made no difference. I then tried the foobrake, going backwards at about 15-20 mph.
Footbrake now bites where it should be and not down on the carpet!
Dont do this on the public highway, chaps!