EVO /2012> OBD2 diagnostic port access

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EVO /2012> OBD2 diagnostic port access

Nice easy one this

So the Engine Management Light (EML) aka Multifunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) / OBD light is on, Or you have FES/ MES and the leads and want to turn off the service indicator, Reset the Oil degradation counter, do a Proxy alignment or dabble with the other advanced functions........

You have all the leads / plugs/ computer but where is the Port.... :confused:

First open the little cubby by the drivers right knee......


and stick your fingers up the back of the fog light / menu switch array...

give it a good tug towards you...

Hinge it downwards

Locate the OBD2 plug and remove the cover you can see the OBD plug has a yellow band down its centre....

Then plug in your device ensuring it is the correct way round


Plug in your lead / adaptor and turn the ignition to MAR and follow the instructions that come with your chosen software / device...
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Apr 27, 2011
Near the M4
I can confirm my 2012 was the same.

Getting the panel out of the way..you need to remove keys from ignition.

2 years on.. and I'd not been in again :eek:

Yes..a firm tug..

I Couldnt get the 'bin' free..

But it all comes away as one assembly :)

Do remember the lightswitch panel has a peirly short cable though ;)