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General Engine Warning Light


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Sep 3, 2007
:mad: Well! had it a week now so i suppose it was time to give me a fault to think about! the light came on for a few miles but had gone out before i got home (approx 20 miles)
car seems to run fine! anyone had this or any ideas to the problem? cars an abarth by the way!
Cheers for any help fellas!
Sorry bout that. Mine is on too but it's the overboost valve getting wet again so thought i'd ask. Any warning messages when the light came on?
Hi, it just flashed up "engine managment failure" but wouldnt this cause it to stop running?:confused:
Deckchair will have some ideas about this one. Have to admit my heart sinks when I see that light. In 20 years of motoring it's the first time I have seen engine warning light on any car I ever had. Absolutely ****e electronics. It stops at this car.
It could be anything at all. Cars on board diagnostics are so hot these days they warn of the first sneeze in any component. It's a warning that something's gone beyond limits but it's just a warning and it's already gone off so it's happy again for the moment.
Scan for fault codes is the only way
I have noticed that there seems to be a slight missfire but only does it in second gear from low revs! it makes the car judder a little then is ok! could this bring on the warning lights?
Yes. It could be a coil or plug but a misfire will often be recorded so see if you can find someone to read you stored fault codes or buy a fault code reader as it will tell you which cylinder is having the slight misfire
Do you have Ebay over there? Ebay UK will often ship abroad, they often come from China anyway. Do a search as a few people here have been buying them recently with success
Is there another way to find the coil thats at fault? on old school cars you could just pull off the HT leads one at a time! can this method be used?
Chers again!(y)
Pretty much but don't pull the whole over plug coil off like you would pull the old plug cap as the voltages will make your ears burn. Just pull out the small yellow catches on each coil and disconnect the low voltage connector to each one in turn. A slight misfire on acceleration only is a bit tougher and a fault code makes that easy then to spot the culprit