Technical engine swap cost + clutch problem

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Technical engine swap cost + clutch problem


Sprite 1.3i
Jan 3, 2006
hey, firstly, for future references,
i was wondering if anyone knew how much it would cost to take out a 999cc FIRE engine from my uno and put in a 1.4 turbo in.
cost including engine, loom, gearbox, FITTING and whatever else is needed.
im planning to change the engine when mine dies eventually.

also i had a problem with my clutch today, it felt different and it rattled when pushed in but it drove fine.
got home and it was still there. drove it up the road and back, then looked under the bonnet and couldnt find anything strange.
drove it up the road and back again and it had gone?
anyone have any experience of this? know what it could be?

Sounds like the clutch release bearing is on its way out. Engine swap will be a couple of thousand not including the engine fron what I havegleamed from previous similar questions.
ok thanks i will keep an eye on it and see if the clutch plays up again. any ideas of the cost of putting that bearing right?
ok maybe the turbo conversion is out of the question :(
oh well, cheap insurance for me!
Is your uno mk1 or mk2? I dont think it would be too much to fit a uno turbo engine into a non-turbo uno. I have a complete mk1(1301cc)engine bay with loo,ecu ect that would go straight into a mk1. it would need wiring up of couse.
its a mk2...
anyway i was planning to do an engine swap when i finish my degree in a few years. not now.
i just like things organised.
dont forget when doing UT engine swap, you'll need UT brakes and suspension.

re the clutch. the gearbox has to come off. new valeo clutch kit ur looking at £55 in parts alone. not sure what garage would charge, prolly around £100 in labour costs as well
I think it is much easier to get a whole Turbo than trying to put its engine into 45. Also, I would not want to try to convince a MOT inspector that it is 999 ccm engine he is looking at after such swap.
As for the clutch, Valeo is good middle-of-the-road compromise between price and durability.
BUT, for the 999 engine, any cheap aftermarket clutch will do. I have made a good experience with QH, i.e. Quinton Hazel, in my other car. The price was about 1/2 - 2/3 of Valeo clutch. Funny side of the story is that the thing had "Valeo friction materials" etc. printed all over.
For 45, you do not need supposedly indestructrible (and 2x more expensive than Valeo) Sachs clutch - it would outlive the car.
As for the bearing... It may be that you can get the bearing as a spare part depending on the clutch manufacturer, but I would not bother with that and replace the whole 3-piece assembly while the gearbox is out. The money saved is not worth the hassle of having to repeat the procedure in future.
I started with my conversion, turbo branch is finished and turbo mounted, just need to modify my sump for return and do all my intake and exhaust piping. going to run low boost at first say 0.4 bar till I got my new engine sorted.


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looks very cool, let me know how it goes at how much i this costing? its alright to do if you can get everything i spose, maybe you'd like to do mine after if its reliable
odd place to mount the turbo :confused:

surely it's going to melt the bonnet there.. how are you running the exhaust downpipe - looks like a sevre bend!
when i'm finished with my oil piping and intake piping, i'm gonna get the downpipe fitted with the rest of the freeflow system.the whole system inc my manifold is stainless steel, as i find that on turbo conversions the manifold tends to crack too easy,gonna put a heatshield over the turbo & exhaust wrap around the exhaust piping.teh turbo is also more than 5cm away from the bonnet, as for the bent, it's going to run from the turbo past the oil filter, then underneath the sump.planned all of this carefully with my exhaust installer before begining
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cool, if it'll fits (y)

Im still looking at turbo'ing my 1242 Cinq - so am looking at any deisgns for turboing FIRE engines i can find :)
duno about the space on you cabby as i've never worked on them,but i've seen most of the people fitting them at the bottom of the engine. but i on the other hand like to see a big ass turbo when i open my bonnet to show it off!!
i'm not sure on space either, theres not much..well, anywhere in the engine bay really!

Have you thought about dropping a 1242cc FIRE engine in there instead of the 1108? How do you plan to handle fueling, MF2 ?
going to run it off the carb at first, as i'm getting a custom mpi manifold made,the going to install standalone efi unit, as for 1242cc transplant, you7 see i live here in south africa and only the palio and panda come out here by us with the 1242cc engine, and they came out only a few years back and not that much of them has been accident damaged yet, and those who were, the owners are asking a big sum of money for it, and it's unreasonable. wanted to go the 1400 route ,but thought that the 1108 will be more of a challenge to get it quick, and i just love challenges.
ahh, i see. I'm too up on what cars were sold in which countries (we don't have the palio over here at all).

Are you doing any internal work on the 1108, to bring the compression ratio down? Low comp pistons, HG spacer or the like?

I've not yet seen a turbo'd FIRE engine running a carb, should be interesting setting the fueling up!
smokeme say it's quite a mission to get the carb setup right, but i will see what happens when i get the car going. as for the internal mods, at the moment no internal mods are going to be performed, that's why i'm only boosting 0.4 bars. busy with new engine apart from one in the car, gonna get low compression forged rods,forged conrods,balanced bottom end,steel HG,gasflowed,ported & polished head, custom intake etc but first want to get the turbo setup on the engine in the car finished.
aaaaany way had new clutch fitted and new release arm, mine was mangled :( £220! :cry:

in the past 4 months ive spent over £700 on replacment parts!
Catalitic Converter £185
Clutch Master Cylinder £90
Brake Master Cylinder & 2 new disks £220
Clutch and Release Arm £220
My uno is a piece of ****! What will go wrong next?!!!!!