Technical Engine starting difficulties and revving up and down at idle

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Technical Engine starting difficulties and revving up and down at idle


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Sep 26, 2007
I've read a few relevant threads on this forum but I'm unclear whether I'm having the same problem myself.
I have a 1997 1.1 Punto 55 which is behaving as follows:
- It will not start when cold unless you press the throttle a bit whilst turning the key and keep manually revving the engine until warm. If you stop at a traffic light when cold, the engine is likely to switch off.
- When warm, it will rev up and down usually between 1,500-2,000 rpm when idling. Once it did rev up to over 3,500 rpm but stopped and return back to 1,500-2,000 when I hit the throttle again.

Additional info:
- The problem seems to have started when the front part of the exhaust (before the catalyst) started making noises. It was replaced and the noise has now gone away.
- The head gasket has been replaced in December last year (overheating) - the car had been working ok since.
- There are no warning lights coming up.

Any thoughts on my case?

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hey i have a w reg elx punto which refused to start all the time and broke donw on roads anywhere and everywhere. and next time i would get in it would be fine, very embarassin callin mechanics out :(
but i banged my head against the brick wall in the fiat dealers as they said was gonna cost my over £700 to get it fixed.
heard a rumor that there is sometimes a problem with the top dead center sensor cost about £30 my dad fixed it no problems havent had a problem since. just a hint incase it might work for you.