General Engine Problem With My MK2 Active Sport 8V

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General Engine Problem With My MK2 Active Sport 8V

Oct 8, 2007
Swanley Village, Kent
Hi everyone!

So this morning I go out and start up my Punto. Everything's fine and I leave it running for 5 minutes to warm it up. After about two minutes the yellow engine light on the dashboard comes up and the whole engine starts vibrating right down to the exhaust.

I drove it down the road and back and its lost a lot of power so I had my friend come round to have a look. He reckons its a problem with the cylinders?

BTW - the engine sounds like helicopter choppers if that helps ( you know the sound you hear when you open back windows in a car lol :) ) (basically now sounds like a worn out diesel engine)

If any1 could help/advise me what the problem is that would be great.

I didn't touch/change anything on the car - just started doing it
I had the same prolem with my mk2 51 plate. Fiat read the error codes and it came up with 'multiple misfire' and some other gibberish, which apparently meant that all the cylinders wernt working, and apperntly people think its the coils and replace them but this is a waste of money as its the ecu which is faulty and thinks theres something wrong. that cost me 400 for a refurbished ecu.
Same problem with mine, and that turned out to be a new ECU. Cost me £315 fitted, and that was re-furbished.
If you go on ebay you can get ECU's for around 180 quid including VAT and they come with an unlimited mile 2 year warranty - plus if you send the company your old ECU they refund you 60 quid - cant fault that! - bought one and now car works fine cheers for the help guys!