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General Engine Overheating


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May 28, 2007
Hey! I have a mk2 2000. It currently is overheating when I drive it normally. Oil and Water levels are fine.
Also, I can not get any hot air into the car.
Any ideas what could be wrong? :bang: Could it possibly be the Thermostat?
Any help would be appreciated (y)
Have you got or have you had a leak recently or have you flushed/drained your radiator at all?
Have you checked the radiator, when mine overheated i found that i had a leak.

To sort my leak i used RADWELD, you just add this add it stops all of the leaks.
Its thermostat and/or thermo switch on radiator that switches radiator fan.You have an air lock in cooling system-behind engine is a small plastic screw-run engine till warm up and unscrew it easy and air will leak until fluid comes out-then tight screw.Use workers hand glove because its HOT
Thanks for the help guys!!
But i crashed her last nite n it is gonna cost too much money to put her back on the road!