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Technical Engine Fault - Stalling


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Feb 3, 2006

I had just got to work this morning in my 1.6 fiat stilo when as i pulled in to the car park the engine died and the engine fault light came on.

I tried to restart the car and the first few tiomes it did not start properly, it started then died pretty soon after but on the third attempt it did stay running.

Deciding to tempt fate I took it for a little drive around to see if it was making any funny noises or the power was limited but I could not hear anything, and the instantious fuel consumption was pretty much the same as what i expected it to be. The power was not limited as I understand it can be when engine faults occur.

Think i will call the RAC out when i leave work as I have a 50 mile drive round the m25 to get home and do not want to damage the car.

Does anyone have any ideas what may have caused this problem, is it likely to be expensive ???.

I do like the stilo but it does seem a little unreliable


I Had just over a quater of a tank of peterol in it as I put some in last night to make sure i could get to work.

Should mention that no mateer how often i restart the engine fault light stays on.

if the light stays on i would say something is playing up and needs attention.

a fault like this is hard to pin point without equipment on a car like a stilo due to the computer controlled everything.

I would get it looked at
Did you get your car looked at? Mine done the exact same thing this evening. any one know how much a diagnostic test should cost?
Theres a few threads on here for idling / stalling problems. Very common problem for early 1.6 model, A Fiat dealer or good independent should be able to do diagnostic check to see what needs doing

You need to make sure that 1.6 stilo has had pressure sensor modification and ecu update. Idle valve may need cleaning out.

i did get it looked at by the RAC it was the manifold absolute pressure sensor, he reset the error and so far it has not caused any more probems or recorded an eror again. So will just have to wait and see what happens, in the worse case does anyone know if this is a expensive job ??


lol I have mine booked in for tomorrow as it did it again to me this morning, I will let you know how much it cost, hope its not to expensive
Adamt99 said:
lol I have mine booked in for tomorrow as it did it again to me this morning, I will let you know how much it cost, hope its not to expensive

Just booked mine in for first thing tommorrow as well. I had a "Loose Connection" warning this morning as well, which might suggest the dreaded D4 conntector as read on a different thread. I will have a good look at all the connectors at lunch time and cancel my appointment if I find the culprit. I doupt I will though.

Ah well.
I also have a 52 plate 1.6 16v Stilo. My car done exactly the same on Friday morning. Got towed to the dealership and cost me £180 to have the diagnostic test and Pressure Sensor replaced...not happy but at least it was going.

Got in the car again last night after work and again only three days later the same happened big splutter then the rev counter goes up and down and if your not revving the engine the power cuts out waiting for the dealership to get back to me.

Any idea's of what to ask them to check for if it is not the Pressure sensor?:cry:
Ask for a copy of the diagnostics - you're paying for it - otherwise it's guess work. When does it happen? How often? Engine hot cold- in between? After a long stretch? Is it just tickover that it happens? Can you keep it going with blipping the gas? Does it start all right afterwards? Is it ok when warm?
Any warning lights? Was it fine after they last fixed it?
The first time this had happend I had already driven half a mile before the power started to cut out. Although a cold morning. Yesterday the car had been parked all day and happend as I drove out of the space.

When it happens you have to keep it above 4,000 revs or it cuts out and the engine failure light comes on and the oil and battery lights presumably because it keeps on stalling. If you then take your foot of the accelerator slightly the power dips then revs and then cuts out, the same every time.

After they replace the pressure sensor it drove ok for 50-60 miles before the fault happend again...from reading other threads last night I have asked the dealership to check the Fuel pump, line and filter??

I will ask for a copy of the diagnostic report this time though
Well, dealer has looked at the car and the pressure sensor was at fault. Apparently they have replaced it, reset the phonic wheel (Whatever that is, if a techie could let me know?) and reset the ECU.

Total price £91.06 inc vat labour and parts. Pretty good I thought.
Hi Lisha
The fact you have an engine fault light light on means there's most likely a fault code stored (but not always) which will give a better clue as to what's going on. If you're really into it then think about getting a simple fault code reader from Ebay otherwise you have to rely on your garage who may not know as much about the fault and how and when it occurs as you do.

Always try and give the mechanics as much info as you can about how it occurs, write it down for them in detail as it will save money in the long run as there's only so much info can be gained from the fault codes

Could be a lot of things but I'd go more for air sensors connections (MAP-MAF whatever you have) and engine temp sensors before going down the fuel line as you don't seem to have a problem with fuel delivery, just it won't tickover
Just heard back from the dealership who say the car has started fine for them....:mad:

The diagnostic shows the same fault at the pressure sensor but all wires to the sensor are fine? If it happens again the mechanic has suggested replacing the EBU

I have asked them to leave it standing for the rest of the afternoon and then take it out to see if the problem happens to them and if not can't take my hire back until tomorrow so will ask them to do the same in the morning

Now woundering if they needed to chang the pressure sensor at all ?
Which pressure sensor? Air pressure sensor I guess

Did they take the pressure sensor out and have a look or did they poke it with a long stick from behind a protective cubicle?

"The wiring is ok" Have they inpected and cleaned the contacts? Have they put it on a scope or examiner to see what's happening with engine running?

What's an EBU? and why have the European Broadcasting Union been allowed permission to play with your car?

Do they mean ECU? Got to be kidding if they do

I'd be asking a few more questions
Thanks so much for your help....obviously I'm not very techy when it comes to cars :)

When they replaced the pressure sensor last time (part £89) it was the one under the manifold. I take it from your message this isn't an easy part to see.

I will ask them to make sure all of the connectors have been cleaned and tested next time before I pick it up
Sorry-just my sense of humour:) The manifold pressure sensor should be pretty easy to get to, remove and inspect

I'd also check out the rpm sensor as the engine doesn't seem to know how to tick over on these occasions