General engine exchange from 700ccm to 1.1 SPI

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General engine exchange from 700ccm to 1.1 SPI


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Oct 7, 2007
hi! i'm new at forum. I'm already finished repairing my CC 0.7 and i was wondering about exchange engine to 1.1 SPI from sporting vers. But i don't know what i need! ofcourse i know that the engine and gearbox must be replaced. for example i wanna buy engine without staff from ebay. what i need to buy else to do this conversion? if anyone can help i'll be greatfull!

We don't have the 700cc one here in the UK, so I can't really help, except that the 899 to 1108 conversion needs engine, box, all ancilliaries, gear linkage, drive shafts, exhaust, and at least the engine loom.

I bought a rolled 1108 and transplanted everything into my 899 shell.


I upgraded my 700 but bought a donor car. If yours is left hand drive then you will have a problem with the cable harness inside the car.

The 700 does not have the wiring for an electric fuel pump etc and other things are missing.
The fuse box is on the opposite side of the dash.
I had to completely rebuild the wiring loom to make it fit.
The fuel tank, Gearstick, Door lock motors, Electric window controls and mechanisms etc. etc.
Both cars where stripped to shells and took nearly 2 weeks and 500 pounds as lots of parts needed replacing.

If you need parts from fiat, you're screwed as your car is not listed on the system.

I'd advise buying the factory version to start with.
so to start with 1.1 spi its too difficult i see. so the second option is put inside my cc 0.9 engine without injection. i think that will be the easiest way to make my car more mobile.