General End of an Era, for now at least!

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General End of an Era, for now at least!


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May 15, 2005
Coningsby, Lincolnshire
Yesterday the compensation cheque from Em's brief punto relationship arrived, so it's nearly time for the cinq to retire for a while. Heres a list of the probs It has,

Two rust holes under the edge of the windscreen where some autowindscreen prat scraped the galv off!

Front brakes binding a little,

leaky rad,

#1 cylinder has knackered rings, compression is still over 100psi and it runs fine but is drinking oil.

still stalling out no matter what We do to it.

etc etc. The list goes on. so it looks like it'll get a well deserved break and then a well deserved engine upgrade. Scrappy is full of 1242's, both spi and mpi, so I have plenty of choice!!

It's also a good job I can weld and Em can spray isn't it!!!!!

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