Technical Electrical Fault????

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Technical Electrical Fault????


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Dec 3, 2005
I have an '03 Punto Mia... after major water leak in passenger footwell, which has been now repaired. The ECU light, airbag, coil, handbrake and foglamp lights stay on permantly, which is now draining the battery. In at fiat garage last week, nothing showing on computer when tested, told it could possibly be something to do with the dashboard. Any ideas?? Help! As have been told this is not covered by the 3rd fiatcare warranty.... new dashboard £280!!
Thanks for your reply, have tried both things with no success.
What is not covered by 3rd year warranty...the cluster?
Where was the leak originally & what work was done on car to sort it?
Only things covered in 3rd year are gearbox and engine. Leak was in passenger footwell, bulkhead not sealed properly at time of manufacture (was told this by Fiat bodyshop). Initially told would have to pay for the work, but eventually fiat dealer said they would pay it as a good will gesture.
Control panel now fixed also, got car back today, was lucky the fault was possibly caused by water leak, so was lucky and didnt pay for that either.
Was told by salesman that basically its just that 2 things (major components), was reading 3rd year warranty as second ago, there's a lot of things not covered. To quote 2... water leaks, electrical connections. That's why was suprised in not having to pay for anything, lucky me...(y)
I can assure you alot of items are covered by 3rd year warranty but you are right about electrical connections(unfortunally one of the most common faults!) believe what a salesman said?;)
Funny enough, no don't believe everything! Bought the car new 2 1/2 years ago, asked did it have a full 3 year parts/labour warranty... yes, was the answer which I found out to my cost after various trips to dealer. feel like I live there! How many people read their warranty booklets etc., as soon as they get a new car? I didnt, unfortunately (never mind). This is first fiat owned with all the problems has put me off buying another, sounds silly but I really do like the car, was even planning another one this year. :D