Technical electric window not working

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Technical electric window not working


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Sep 6, 2007
hey, I also have a problem with the passenger side power window on my 01, 1.2 8v 5 door, ie it does not work, the wife says it went intermitently for a while then gave up, I have checked fuses and had the door card off to check the connections in the door, all seems well, can anyone please tell me if there is a known problem with the motors or switches and how to check them, also of it is the motyor, is it likely to be cheaper to look for another door from dismantlers rather than replace it? :confused:
After finally manging to get the passenger window fully up on my Punto Mk 2 i pulled the fuse until i get time to look at it closer . I can hear my motor doing something, however the window operates erratically/intermittently. I belive that it is more of a mechanical problem than and electrical one.

Can you hear any movement within the door at all ?