General Electric Window Failure ??

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General Electric Window Failure ??

Jan 11, 2006
Cannock, Staffs
O.K. you guys, heres one for you! I have a 1.2 sporting 1998 and have just replaced the drivers interior dr handle.However,after putting everything back together i found my elec window(o/s) would not go down.I have checked all fuses & relays and also put a multimeter on the switch cables to see if i have power to them,everything is A ok.I have tried a new switch and a new motor but to no avail. The passenger side works fine, I am at my wits end, can somebody out there please help me as im getting to the suicidal stage now!!! Yours in anticipation MATT 68
MATT 68 said:
No plugs been pulled etc as i still have power to EVERYTHING!!!!!

I've had something similar from a corroded connector power seems OK with no load when you put motor load on it the resistance is too high motor don't run.
I suspect you have got the trim around the switch fiited the wrong way. If you take the assy out of the door handle then lever the switch body out of the surround, Test the window works with the naked switch plugged into the connector and fit it back with the keyways matching. Good Luck!
Sorry blondeinapunto, theres no chance ive done that as i havent got any trim on the door at the moment and the male&female plugs on the switch will only fit together one way!Got any other ideas? Cos i aint!! thanks for trying tho, many thanks MATT.
Got my window fixed this morning by the car sparky, cost me £35 tho! I suppose that aint bad really for a sparky to come out.It was the feed from one switch to the other(probably the 1 thing i didnt check!) Ive used the guy before on my audi and he,s s**t hot, if anyone around cannock staffs area needs him i,ll give you his number