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Technical ecu plug connectors cinquecento


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Mar 1, 2006
Hi i have just changed the engine today in my p reg cinq 899cc the next problem is the key code i have taken the ecu units today from a k reg and a l or m reg. the m reg car has the same ecu connector as my p reg and the l reg conector is the same bar missing 3 electrical connectors Does anybody know what the 3 terminals are for and will that ecu work in my car. both spares cars still had the small button on to of the egnition barrel but no code ecu under the steering colums does this mean anything? i can supply pics of the connectors if required
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Aslong as the main large plug and fuel relay connections are made it should start, early Cinq's never had immobilisers so the ECU's are the same but miss that particular function.

I think the button you speak of is to activate parking lights in certain countries, the button keeps one side of the cars lights on and allows you to remove the keys.