General ECU info/help needed asap please :)

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General ECU info/help needed asap please :)


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Sep 11, 2007
Hiya , my sisterinlaw, has a ulysse 2ltr on a T reg. she has been told that her ecu is not sending a stong enough signal to the injectors and that she needs a new one (or second hand). my question is... i have emailed ppl off of ebay, and one has said that i need " keys but obviously you will need more than just the ecu, you would also need the lock set and code reader and antennae plus the ecu." IS THIS CORRECT?? the garage has told my sisinlaw that she needs a blank ecu witha 4 digit code. so do i need just a second hand ecu or do i need the whole lot?? and is this something that i can put onto the car or is it a garage job???
strong enough signal? its a earth (through a transistor) that the ecu puts out to injectors.However in most cases its cheaper to get ecu,codebox (depending on type of immobiliser you have) and keys with at least ignition barrel (but you can get around this part) from scrapyard car.