Technical ECU code reader and ABS problem

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Technical ECU code reader and ABS problem


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Mar 26, 2006
Hi everyone!

Please I would like to ask you two questions: 1. does anybody know where to get an ECU fault code reader? 2. has anyone experienced problem with ABS - it seems working properly, no ABS warning light, but left front wheel remains locked..if I drive on the ice with left wheels only, the brake pedal is not kicking back but only BUZZING, as if the ABS tried to unlock the wheel but unsuccessfully..even then the ABS warning light doesn't go on..there seems to be no problem with the sensors, otherwise the light would stay on all the time..the right hand side works fine..Does anybody know where to get another LUCAS ABS unit for marea hlx? Thank you VERY VERY MUCH for any help..Regards Milan..
Thank you Polecat!

I was looking for the code reader on ebay, but all of them I found don't support fiats before 2001, they don't have 16pin obd socket, just small 3pin sockets..I know there should be both L and K lines, but apparently the communication protocols are different..I would be very happy if it's possible for you to tell me any details about particular one, which I should be looking for..Is any available for fiats before 2001?

Thanks a lot!!!

Regards Milan

Please if anyone knows where to get an ECU fault code reader for Fiats let me know, I would really appreciate it!!! I don't know what to look for, any help would be great!!! Thanks!!!
its very easy to test your ABS sensors find the white socket under the bonnet and un plug it. now with an ohm meter test the resistance between the two pins it doesnt matter what reading you get as long as you get a reading,now test all the other three wheel sensors the same way,if you get one that doesnt read or is way off the other three then you know you have a sensor down... its rare to have a ABS pump fault(but not unheard of)
Thanks Jimmybob!

I was thinking - if there was any sensor faulty the abs light would come on..actually if the left wheel is supposed to be unlocked, I can hear a buzzing sound, it seems abs unit is trying to lower the brake fluid pressure but unsuccessfully, I suspect the regulating valve inside the unit is stuck or something..the right side works properly..Has anyone ever opened the abs unit? is it possible to take the valves out and try to clean them or inspect them? thanks a lot again!

Apart from the Sykes Pick did you mange to solve your request for a 3 pin fault code reader?

I completely forgot about this thread, it's been a long long time ago I see :eek: The code reader is UNISCAN, it's cheap and works with more cars, not only fiats, the problem with my ABS was not a faulty sensor, as I expected, there was one hydraulic piston stuck inside the unit, I managed to take them all out, clean and make that stuck one work again, since then I repaired many ABS units, but major problem is either faulty motor, or relays, only one case from all of them was faulty wire to one sensor :D but I no longer own fiat marea, I got a fiat ducato motor home instead ;)
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