Technical ebay uprated clutch (Techniclutch)?

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Technical ebay uprated clutch (Techniclutch)?

Organic.. didn't know they grew clutches.

Yes, not to be confused with 'free range' clutches. 'Free range' just means they've been allowed to roam around authorised distributors, from branch to branch. Getting out in the fresh moist air, unsold and slightly rusted, rather than being cooped up in a warehouse.

'Organic' means special fibres are used. I would guess anything with carbon in the structure could be considered 'organic'. Such as, wood pulp. I don't think it has anything to do with pesticides or lack thereof, but I could be wrong.

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it slips because its worn, just buy a standard one from a motor factor and it will be fine, or an uprated black diamond clutch think there about 130 from europerformance,

i'm replacing mine too cause it slips but i wouldnt waste my money on some crappy ebay clutch
are you sure a standard clutch will handle it? cos i really dont wana fit it and it still slip, i took it to some garage and they said the clutch isnt slipping, but it sure is, its like im putting the clutch in when i floor it.
well at 18psi as soon as it reaches about 3.5k revs the revs fly upto 6k then dip to 5k and then it shoots round to the limiter.

il order a new standard clutch for it then, it better not slip! :p
I put a standard one in my old one after having a paddle clutch in it and it handled 166bhp fine (y)
I bought a Techniclutch about 3 years ago, that plus a million over 'tuning' parts still reside in the spare room!

If on the off chance i fit it before you replace yours i let you know how i get on, but it will have its work cut out :)

had my techniclutch in now for over 6 months-ish and is performing superbly, you get a heavy duty bearing, and the splines are twice as thick also looked like loads of metalic bronze copper type strands in the friction material, we have fitted over ten of these clutches in loads of power cars and all are doing well, beat it for £80 when i removed the original clutch i was expecting it to be riding on the rivets but it was hardly worn yet slipped like hell,, Ant!